Structure of the NIPHRN

Network Structure


The NIPHRN is supported by a small Network Coordination Team reporting to the NIPHRN Director (Dr Mark Tully). The role of the Director will include:


  • chairing the NIPHRN Mangement Group
  • providing initial advice to RDGs on opportunities and processes for submitting grant proposals to major funders
  • “boundary spanner” activities to broker the provision of expertise in specialist areas from academic departments (e.g. statistics, systematic reviews)


The Network Coordination Team will organise, encourage and support the network participants and is headed up by a part-time Network Coordinator, Dr Michael O'Rorke. The Network Coordinator will provide support and assistance to the Director and to the RDGs including:

  • providing project management for RDG meetings and activities  
  • monitoring the activity and progress of RDG protocols and funded research projects  through a NIPHRN portfolio
  • facilitating public involvement in the RDGs
  • assisting in the maintenance of a Network website, including a directory of expertise and interests

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